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Northern Virginia's Local Hemp Dispensary

Harvested from our Farms in the Shenandoah Valley, then extracted and created in our kitchens in Manassas, Virginia. Come browse everything we create in-house and feel quality you can enjoy, with

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Explore all 3 Flavors; Banana Milk Chocolate, Orange Cream White Chocolate, and Dark Mint Chocolate

Our vertical integration model is a testament to our dedication, ensuring that every product, from our Full Spectrum Edibles to the Best Edible Gummies, is safe, legal, and rigorously tested. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Quality Assurance: Total control from cultivation to dispensary means unwavering quality for you.

  • Transparency: We openly share our hemp's journey and lab results, empowering your decisions.

  • Innovation: Expect groundbreaking hemp products that elevate your experience.

  • Affordability: Direct sales translate to value for our premium hemp offerings.

Experience the superior quality and service of East Coast Collective. Shop our collection today and find your perfect Edible THC dosage, crafted for excellence.

Best Edible Gummies

At East Coast Collective in Manassas, Virginia, we are your go-to seed to sale Cannabis Company and hemp dispensary. Nestled between Gainesville and Bristow, we bring you an unmatched farm-to-dispensary experience. Dive into our exceptional range of hemp delights, including the finest Organic Hemp Extract CBD Gummies and 10mg THC gummies, available for purchase in VA and online.

Shop Our Vegan Cannabis Gummies

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